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Valued client! We are excited to bring you a brand new version of the LinkSMS platform. Through this release, you can expect more optimized & efficient system functionality, improved reporting, refined credit monitoring and improved user experience overall. Please note that the current version of LinkSMS shall be decommissioned on the 31st December 2022 at 00h00. We therefore encourage our new clients to Sign Up on the new version and for our existing clients to migrate before the decomissioning of the current version. Our technical support team is available to guide through this process on +267 3165 466.

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About LinkSMS

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Bulk SMS Etiquette

Using the LinkSMS online service for bulk SMS can definitely increase engagements with customers and enhance your business brand experience and exposure. However, it is crucial to understand how to use this bulk SMS platform correctly in order to attain the most effective mobile marketing strategy.



Call-to-action is a lead signal for bulk SMS marketing. When customers receive an SMS, ensure that the message content provides a clear direction and details on what action is being sought. Additionally a call-to-action can be an SMS notification to remind or notify your recipients of an appointment or the latest products and services offered by your business.

Be Direct

Be Direct

Sending text messages that are short and simple is crucial. Ensure that the SMS is straight to the point and let your audience know clearly what your text message seeks to attain. Additionally, due to a 160 characters limit per SMS, there is even more a reason to be succinct in your communication.

All Customers are VIP

All Customers are VIP

When customers allow you to contact them through SMS, they have essentially given you the privilege to reach them directly.  It is critical therefore that they feel special, valued and most importantly that their identity is protected. Reward their loyalty by making them a part of an exclusive VIP club.
LinkSMS provides the option for customers to opt-out of mail lists. Please consider utilising this function.

Price Packages


1 - 19 999 SMS's

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  • P0.20 p/sms unit
  • P0.20 - P3 999.80
  • 0% discount


20 000 - 49 999 SMS's

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  • P0.18 p/sms unit
  • P3 600.00 - P8 999.84
  • 10% discount


50 000+ SMS's

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  • P0.16 p/sms unit
  • P8 000.00 +
  • 20% discount

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